Equine Assisted Learning

Our personal and professional lives can benefit greatly from some structured learning and coaching alongside horses; to give it its more formal title, Equine Assisted Learning or Therapy.

Our interaction with horses facilitates a direct and honest reflection of how we present ourselves and how the subtle changes in our own energy and intention can seep out and effect other around us. They can show us what our friends and colleagues might be too polite not to.  They are often quoted as being “half-a-ton of lie detector” – in practice they provide a direct and honest reflection of how we are and how we behave in their presence.     

Graeme Green is a committed developer of individuals, and builder of teams, with strong personal Mindfulness and EQ skills. He has over 25 years of practical experience of team development and leadership in the insurance industry leading teams charged with delivering robust business facing operational services. He is a director of the CIC, Equilibrium for Life, and founder of the Mindful Horse. He has been delivering training alongside horses for nearly 10 years.

Graeme has worked with clients as diverse as young people from Pupil Referral Units, fellows of Oxford University, and the executive team of a Global Construction business. He also provides Mindfulness training to clients of the Mental Health charity MIND.


As prey animals, horses are constantly alert to potential danger, and extremely sensitive to their environment and those around them. As a herd animal they are very strongly aware of the energy, intentions and non-verbal communication of others, to which they respond honestly in the moment, providing a non-judgmental reflection of how we are being and behaving around them.

The horse’s reaction is a silent, honest and dispassionate response to the energy and emotions of those around them.

Horses do not have agendas, nor intentionally mislead. Working with horses creates a non-threatening environment for revealing and accepting the authentic self.

These interactions represent a safe space within which to work with social and emotional learning ideas, where one can experiment directly, or in metaphor, with the practical “soft” skills needed across all aspects of life. In so doing our clients can develop and nurture valuable personal skills required to support success, be it in the family or friendship space, or from the classroom right through to the workplace.