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9th March, Mindfulness and the Healing Drum at Athena near Paddock Wood in Kent

23rd March, Mindfulness and the Healing Drum at HorseHaven UK near Glastonbury in Somerset

28th April, The stories of horses and humans, at Athena near Paddock Wood in Kent

4th and 5th May, Retreat in Italy, near Cinzano

5th and 6th June, Coaching Retreat with Equilibrium for Life, near Maidstone in Kent

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- “It was amazing to see how much the horses loved and responded to the drumming - Chapas placing his damaged lip against the drum - I am a total convert!”

- "I felt it was actually an incredible day. For me personally, revelatory and empowering. I am still feeling amazing and thank you.”

- “Thank you for the experience, it was mind-blowing”

- “I have developed some new coping strategies for challenging situations.”

- “I have found the mindfulness course very helpful, I suffer from a lot of stress and learning about the techniques available to ground myself again and reduce stress is really helpful.”

- “The contact with the horses, wonderful! Such a sense of calm, peace and contentment”

- “The healing with vibration and meditation has drastically reduced my anxiety around horses”

- "A unique set of workshops which take and build upon the fundementals of mindful practice to deliver both real life skills and genuine respectful benefit for our horses."