Mindfulness & the Healing Drum

Mindfulness and the Healing Drum

The Mindful Horse offers this unique opportunity to introduce the basics of Mindfulness alongside the powerful impact of the healing drum.

Mindfulness teaches us the power of returning to the moment. It re-grounds us in the present, connecting us with an awareness that acknowledges where we are and why we are there. Re-establishing that connection returns us to our lives as they actually are – not what they have been, nor what they might be.

Drumming is one of the oldest healing modalities and it remains recognised today by most holistic and alternative practioners as a non-invasive aid to releasing physcial and emotional blockages that affect the energetic body.


This unique and powerful learning experience brings together that power of focus in the present moment with the healing intention delivered through the drum. Attendees will be able to practice these skills with each other and engage with the horses.


- “Thank you for the experience, it was mind-blowing”

- “The contact with the horses, wonderful! Such a sense of calm, peace and contentment”

- “The healing with vibration and meditation has drastically reduced my anxiety around horses”

A unique set of workshops which take and build upon the fundementals of mindful practice to deliver both real life skills and genuine respectful benefit for our horses.