The Natural Mind


Humans too quickly forget that they are part of the natural world.

Mindfulness in nature offers us the opportunity to re-establish that connection, and in so doing reconnect with ourselves.

Real mindfulness in nature is a gift of time, time to simply be, time to genuinely enjoy the moment by celebrating and sharing the beauty of the natural world.

As a group there is an opportunity to explore the world through our all of our senses - taking time to draw each into specific focus. Sensory activities are a powerful of getting us "out of our heads" and so ou of our thinking cycles and therefore back into our bodies, and so back into the moment.

Nature is a space where we can gift ourselves some real "self-time" by connecting our awareness within the environment around us. Nature brings our mindful practice to life in the very fullest sense,bringing sensual pleasures and its subtle energies to our medidative practices.


The Japanese now recognise the healing and therapeutic nature of passing time within the embrace of the forest - particularly for those who are generally based in an urban location. US medical journals have documented the tranquilizing effect of the forest on the human mind.

Forests offer space where we can create moments of silent but profound happiness, opportunities for attunement beyond the self. As such certain areas of ancient forestry in Japan are now formally recognised as areas of therapeutic value.


We all have the opportunity to experience the connection that comes from emersing ourselves nature - and The Mindful Horse is very proud to be able to coordinate guide and support groups of people through such experiences.

Contact Graeme (as above) to find out about the opportunity of joining or running an event near you.