The shamanic drum in many ways draws together the many elements of what I aim to do with the Mindful House.


By its very nature it is a mindful activity, and it is a recognised traditional healing modality.


The drummer has to mindfully create the space, and in so doing they focus or meditate upon an appropriate intention (healing, compassion, love.... ); creating an energetic healing bubble imbued with that intent about themselves, amplified by the resonance of the drum. To this space we invite the horse(s). They will come and go as they please, investigate, take what they need and move on.

Like humans the horses can assume a quiet trance like state, lost in gentle repetition of the beat. Healing can be a very private process which can also be recognised in this practice and often the horses just stand in their private space and lost in the moment.


Drumming is recognised by numerous holistic and alternative practioners (such as Reiki) where its effects on releasing tension and emotional blockages in the energetic systems is being put to good (healing) use.


The drum often represents a non-invasive way of accessing and addressing deeper issues - opening a blocked pathways for more traditional approaches like direct body work. Personally, I have been asked to support both emotional and physical treatments with my drum.


You can read more about my drumming with horses on my very popular blog articles:


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I now travel to horses to drum wherever there is a demand. Wherever possible I will offer it as well on site visits when delivering workshops. I am committed to working for the good of the horse and am convinced that this represents a significant good.


Please contact me directly for more information (details above) or visit "Healing" page for the costs.


To book a session now email graeme@themindfulhorse.org.