Graeme is a qualified equine energy healer, Equine reiki practioner and Drum Master who specialises in on site drumming work, remote energy reading and healing work for horses. He also provides support for cats and dogs as required.


He is also an experienced and practicing Equine Assisted Learning facilitator so is well practised in working with humans alongside horses, and the relationships that develop between them.


Whilst healing is no replacement for vetinarian treatment it can provide complementary support for animals in discomfort or pain, or those in the convalescing process. Also the energy healing process which aligns more to the elements of traditional oriental practices can be of incredible value to healthy working animals a well as poorly animals; unblocking and releasing the natural flow of energy throught the body.


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Basic remote healing prices are as follows:


– Body scan or first healing session: £50.00 (assumes around 60 minutes work, including, scanning, noting outcomes, completing feedback and/or initial recommendations)


– Follow up session, chakra balancing or distance healing session: £30.00



Drumming visits


- £60.00 for first horse; £30.00 for additional horses at same location;


- £100 for half a day on site (up to 3.5 hours)


- £145.00 for a full day (up to 6 hours).


- Please enquire directly for workshop costs.


All travel will be charged at 45p per mile from SE7 if over 20 minutes one way..



Site review – energy and spirit assessments


– Map dowsed remotely (by map or drawing or land registry docs): £40.00 per read


– Remote energy healing and site cleansing (follow up to remote dowsing) – £25.00 (per session)


– Location visit: please contact for more information.




For telephone support please add £5.00 (assumes to UK landline, up to 45 minutes)


Advance payment is preferred, ideally via paypal to the email address graeme@themindfulhorse.org