Please feel free to read through these very kind and honest testimonials from those whose horses I have worked with. They provide a much more objective expression of my work than anything that I might write.


"Graeme worked with one of the horses in my care. The mare needed to restore her wholeness on physical, energetic, soul and spirit levels. Which is exactly what Graeme helped her to achieve. With his proficiency, sensitivity, genuine care for the welfare and health of the animal he worked a miracle. The symptoms the horse had experiences on and off for the past decade have significantly subsided in just a short time. And she continued to gradually improve in the following weeks.


"Thank you so much Graeme! The horse and I are extremely grateful for the chance she got to live a better life."

Lily Kondratyeva, Ukraine


"My horse Mr B was imported from Portugal and originally sold to a lady who realised when he arrived that he had issues. She bought him to me for a few weeks training. He was very sharp would often unseat his mount by spinning around. I realised he was incredibly fearful and confused and it was obvious he was not sound. Still working with him slowly was a real pleasure he was so sweet and genuine, and I knew that his best bet was me even if I didn't ride him.I got him.


"Through gradual work he became more confident and more sound and extremley willing to please. 6 months later I had a horse that was moving nicely and so much happier and trusting though still worried. He had some stifle issue so I could never ask for halfpass as he panicked. For me I knew HPass was the key


"Talking to Graeme got me thinking that any healing would be good, so trusted the process and asked Graeme to take a look. All I know is has made a tremendous change in both me and my horse; overnight it seemed that Mr B was calmer and happier, and within a few days offering half pass. You cant stop us now!


"He now feels sounder and more balanced, both mentally and physically. Something has shifted. I have a happy trusting horse who is still sharp but fun and now very athletic. A huge thank you Graeme. You have a unique gift"

- Kate Mably, Cornwall UK


"I was at a loss as to what was causing intermittent lameness. I have had thermographs, vets on site, massage therapy, chiropractors and barefoot trimmer all giving my horse the all clear. This has caused me great frustration so I thought to myself its worth a try. Well funnily enough something I had discovered prior to Graeme revealing his insights dovetailed with the precise location of discomfort. This confirmed to me with our findings coincided, there were some serious issues with her hooves and i have now been able to establish the right course of action. I would recommend to anyone with concerns about their animals physical well being and need some direction to contact Graeme."

- Jassamy Walsh, New Zealand



"I can really recommend Graeme. He has helped my horses and my dog to not only heal but also to enable me to better understand where their pain and emotional blocks are. The connection he has with animals is profound and it really is worth thinking out of the box and asking him to work with you and your equine friends (or your pooches)."

- Tracey, London UK


"Alfie has always in my time of owning him (and previous owners agreed) been a bit of a Grump. He is does not like anyone around his head or his rugs being changed or his ears being touched. He is never nasty with it, just he lets you know in no uncertain terms he is not impressed. He is now 17 with Cushings and almost has permission to be a Grump, but actually he is softer and now comes up to me in the field for attention (unheard of previously).


"A friend of mine who pulls his mane for me recently said, ‘what have you done to Alfie’ – he has just let me pull his mane and he hasn’t pulled a face. We have just clipped him and face, legs, ears, all those areas that in the past would have been an issue – nothing, just happily stood there. So I do not know what Graeme does when he does his long distance body scanning or his energy healing and neither do I need to – all I can say is it has made a difference.

- Heather, Preston UK


"I have no idea how he does it, or how it works but somehow Graeme tapped into the physical & mental well being of my little mare when she was away from home & helped to soothe & calm her. Knowing how she was feeling & what I could then do to help has made our relationship stronger & built a better trust. Highly recommended."

- Natasha, Cornwall UK